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Robinson, William


William Robinson although not listed in my edition of Bailey's was a watchmaker from Liverpool England 1848 to 1863. He made English levers from 7 to 14 jewels. This particular watch is a 7 jewel lever and a typical watch exported to the US through Philadelphia jewelers. Wm Robinson's watches were cased in England and exported to the US. This watch is hallmarked for Birmingham in 1859. Typical engine turned sterling hunter case of the period. Case makers mark in Birmingham not listed in my records.

However note, that some in the NAWCC believe that Wm Robinson was in fact a lower grade of the MI Tobias watch firm of Liverpool. This has yet to be substantiated but one can find a significant amount of study regarding this subject on the NAWCC message board under Wm Robinson by peg leg (guest).

Courtesy of Keith Richmond

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