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Tremont Watch Co. Boston
Ser.#4859, 18 size, KW,KS
Courtesy Dave Teeters

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I have decided to start from the very beginning for the Melrose Watch Company. In 1864 A.L. Dennison had a business startup with sufficient capital to contract with various Swiss parts suppliers and developed seven to fifteen jewel lever movements, so naming the firm Tremont Watch Company. The quality of the watches and contractual risks placed the firm on loose footing and disagreements between the board and the investors of Tremont, demanded the watches be made and supplied with American labor and parts. A.L. Dennison took the remaining Swiss Tremont movements in 1866 to Europe in hopes of building enough capital to keep Tremont afloat. Tremont movements number from sn#1 to approximately 11,000.

However by the end of 1866 A.L. Dennison moved the Tremont Watch Company from its headquarters in Boston Mass to Melrose. The firm no longer associated with the Swiss had built a new factory, hired American labor, with contacts through American parts suppliers. These new movements from the Melrose plant began with serial number 30,000 and approximately 3,000 Melrose watches were produced with American parts and labor.

It should be noted there appears no surviving documentation to reflect that Melrose ever incorporated under the firm name of Melrose Watch Company. There are horologists who believe the company remained Tremont Watch Company and thus watches after serial number 30,000 were produced with American parts and labor as a grade of Tremont.

I am of the belief, the Melrose Watch Company did exist in that sole name, divorced of A.L. Dennison post 1868.The Melrose Watch Company was sold to the Anglo American Watch Company in 1870. All Melrose Watch Company examples have Melrose on the movement and Tremont Watch Company on the dials.

Here is a Melrose sn# 32386, 18 size 15 jewels, full gilt plate watch, verified under dial upon servicing with Tremont Watch Company dial. The case is an early open face GW Ladd and not original to the watch. Both movement and 25 year gold filled case are circa 1868.

Keith Richmond

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