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Marion Watch Dials
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United States Watch Co Marian NJ Fayette Stratton 18s Ser # 2363
Courtesy Jeff Browndyke.

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Random files - United States Watch Co., Marion, NJ, 1866-1872
USWCo - Marion167 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
black dial
USWCo - Marion176 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
18s United States Watch Company signature within curled ribbon; dial is double sunk with monogram within seconds bit
Dial127 viewsCourtesy Jeff Browndyke.
USWCo - Marion175 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
Time Zone dial, signed "Empire City Watch Co. NY" (USWCo) Time Zone dial on a 3/4 plate nickel movement
USWCo - Marion169 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
typical double sunk, monogramed US dial found on high grade (United States Watch Company grade) 19J movements of both models

This dial rests on a Wallis 19J nickel movement, all original in a silver OF case
USWCo - Marion173 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
18s United States Watch Company with "military emblem"
USWCo - Marion184 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
Fancy Dial
Movement124 viewsCourtesy Jeff Browndyke.
USWCo - Marion168 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
Unique 16s United States Watch Company hi grade 1/4 plate and bridge movement with DS PL dial and the Lord's Prayer within the seconds bit.
USWCo - Marion172 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
Incredible 18s Empire City Watch Co., NY (United States Watch Company) hi grade 19j 3/4 plate nickel with Time Zone dial
USWCo - Marion157 viewsCourtesy of Jon Hanson
18s nickel Penn. RR dial on Pennsylvania RR US movement with monogram within seconds bit